Return Policy





Acceptance conditions for application for return and quality appeal:


Our company will not accept the return application caused by the buyer in the following situations:

1. The product has been opened, the label is damaged, the label has been replaced, the packaging bottle has been replaced, and the product that needs to be transported under refrigeration is sent back without humidified ice (March to October);

2. Products stored at -20°C will not accept return applications;

3. Products stored at 2-8 °C will not accept return applications from March to October;

4. During the return of the product, if the product is damaged, leaked or deteriorated due to improper packaging by the customer, even if the returned product is received, our company will not be able to deal with it;

5. Customized products, futures products, large-package products, purchasing products, and standard products are not accepted for return applications.




Complaints regarding product quality are not accepted by our company in the following situations:

1. Products transported at room temperature, more than two months away from the delivery time, do not accept quality complaints;

2. Refrigerated transport of goods, more than one month from the time of delivery, do not accept quality complaints (delivery time in 11/12 / 1/2 month process in accordance with the normal transport product standards);

3. For products that are transported frozen, more than one month away from the delivery time, quality complaints will not be accepted;

4. The product has quality problems due to customer improper use or improper storage.


For those who meet the above conditions, please consult the customer service on our official website or send us an email to for specific return rules and quality appeal standards.


The specific process of the return:

1. The customer submits the application.

2. The after-sales customer service staff will verify and confirm.

3. After the confirmation, the customer service staff will send the return form to the customer.

4. The customer puts the product (including invoice) with the return form, Return to the address specified on the return form.

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