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Shipping Istruction





   Due to the special nature of chemical products, in order to ensure the product during transport and personnel safety, we will be professional and meticulous packaging products, all products through courier or have formal qualifications goods shipping company sent. For this reason, a small amount of shipping fee will be charged to the customer along with the order, and the specific fee varies according to your region. 


   We will deliver products in the safest, fastest and most economical way to ensure.


   Your products are delivered in quality, quantity, and on time.




   Free shipping for a single order over 198 Usd in USA;




 Less than 198 Usd in USA:

                       1. Less than 1kg, 4 Usd, additional weight 1 Usd/kg areas:

  • ME-Maine 

  • NH-New Hampshire

  • VT- Vermont 

  • NY-New York

  • MA- Massachusetts 

  • RI-Rhode Island 

  • CT-Connecticut 

  • NJ-New Jersey 

  • PA-Pennsylvania 

  • DE-Delaware 

  • MD-Maryland 

  • DC-District of Columbia

                  2. Less than 1kg, 5 Usd, additional weight 1.5 Usd/kg areas:


  • MI-Michigan 

  • OH-Ohio 

  • IN-Indiana 

  • IL-Illinois 

  • WI-Wisconsin


                  3. Less than 1kg, 5.5 Usd, additional weight 2 Usd/kg areas:

  • WV-West Virginia

  • VA-Virginia

  • NC-North Carolina

  • TN-Tennessee

  • KY-Kentucky 

                  4. Less than 1kg, 6 Usd, additional weight 2.5 Usd/kg areas:

  • SC-South Carolina

  • GA-Georgia 

  • AL-Alabama 

  • MS-Mississippi 

  • FL-Florida


                  5. Less than 1kg, 8 Usd, additional weight 3.5 Usd/kg areas:


  • Western US States


                  6. Less than 1kg, 14 Usd, additional weight 8 Usd/kg areas:

  • All around the world

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